Path to Wellness

Life is a Highway! Where’s the Rest stop?!

Where ever you stop and rest man!

To say 2020 has been a shit show would be an understatement.

What is up guys! I hope all is well since my last post. Today, I wanted to keep it simple. In today’s crazy world, it can be hard to just sit back, relax and take time for yourself. I mean really. Is it me or does it seem like 2020 is already over? Not that I would be mad or anything at this point. To say 2020 has been a shit show would be an understatement. Do you guys remember when every month revealed some new threat? Like the killer hornets or the threat of war. It was always crazy to go “I wonder what next month is gonna be?”. Dam, we all thought 2020 was gonna be the year of change didn’t we? A change indeed. It just wasn’t the change we expected. Still, we should learn to relax. Relaxation comes in many forms. Here’s a few I try to do as the world seemingly burns around me. Of course, we have our happy kit. Let’s do this!

When you find yourself needing to slow down and wanting to get out, maybe wanting to connect with nature, hit the trails. Nature hikes are one of my favorite thing to do. A few years ago when I was making a transition to the medicine I’m on now, my therapist at the time recommended I get back to hiking to help with my depression. Lately, I have started to devote at least an hour a day to hitting the trails and it helps. Getting out there in nature allows you to clear your mind, reflect on the day, the week or just reflect in general and let shit go. I enjoy it. I get out there and listen to music or enjoy a nice podcast. Just yesterday, I did a nice 2 mile hike and it helped clear my head to get some editing done on the website. I was having an “Editors Block” as I call it but dam if it didn’t come in handy. Not to mention a brisk walk everyday has been shown to help with your heart and cholesterol, overall lung function and so on. If you’re having trouble thinking, get out there and take a walk. It doesn’t have to be a crazy 5 mile excursion. A nice walk around town or a walk around the park. Don’t forget your dry herb vape. No hike is complete without it!


Let them hands touch that soil man! That’s right, I’m talking gardening. It doesn’t have to be the run of the mill gardening where you are out there in some straw hat with some gloves, planting daisies. Although I recommend the hat and gloves because it gets hot and your hands will get blisters so a good set of gloves comes in handy. No, you don’t need to Martha Stewart that shit. You can make it whatever you want. This year, I started Hemp farming but being out in the sun too long, too much made me have a series of seizures so I had to rethink how I do things. I started doing genetic work for the time being and hope to have everything running by next year. In the meantime, I grew other things as well. I had sunflowers, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas. It was great. I even converted my greenhouse and put an extra above ground flowerbed to fill with new growth such as different varieties of peppers, more tomatoes and so on. I have a green thumb and enjoy farming, especially Hemp farming. It’s so relaxing being out there with your plants and watching them grow. Watching the change in them. Just think, if something like that has the ability to change and grow as you take care of it, then apply that to you. It’s that change you need. Feeling down or feeling sick? Starting feeding yourself the right nutrients and food and watch yourself grow! Might be a high thought or might be some wise words to blow your fucking mind!

This should be a no brain-er. Smoke a joint. Rip the bong. Grab what I have come to call “The Happy Kit”. If you ever hear me mention it in my future post, refer to this one. My Happy Kit consists of my MedTainer w/ awesome strain, my Pulsar dry herb vape, some RAWs, with some tips, and a lighter. The MedTainer is great. If you don’t have one, you should. I have probably mentioned it before. Don’t confuse it with the “HerbSaver”. The MedTainer actually has a locking lid, is air tight, water tight etc. That’s why it’s perfect for hikes. Grind it, store it and roll. There’s nothing like sitting outside and night with your pipe, getting a nice bake session going on and star gazing. I live way outside the city limits so there is no light pollution. The stars out here are amazing. There are some ATV trails out here I use to go riding on and man. One of them takes you up this giant hilltop. Go up that at night and just sit there, smoke you a nice cone and prepare to have your mind blown.

Life is fast. Learn to slow down every now and then. I have learned this at a young age. Mainly because I have surrounded myself with older individuals. They have taught me so much. Before my Papa died, I spent many days with him, right up until the end. One night I was going to bed and he was still up. I remember him calling me into his room. He laughed as he asked if I was really going to bed “this early”. I don’t remember much of that conversation but I do remember him saying there was always going to be plenty of time to lay around and be in the sheets when I was his age so to take advantage of the time I had now. I remember him near the end not being able to enjoy the things him and I once loved like being outside, fishing and yes, even gardening. He use to grow the best dam tomatoes I ever had. Today, I enjoy all the little things like hiking, and being with nature and my plants. It’s the little things you can’t get back that means the most yet we take them for granted everyday. Learn to relax a little. Go on that hike. Start that vegetable garden, build that picnic table you’ve always wanted. Take your mind off things today, it might save you a headache or heart attack tomorrow. Thanks for reading. What’s your favorite way to relax? Drop it below so I can maybe find a new hobby and add it to the list! I love you guys. Stay safe. Stay medicated. As always, relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼


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