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Pulsar Vapes: Enjoying Higher Culture!

Relaxing. It’s something we find our self doing a lot less often nowadays. I know in the rat race of life, it can be hard to slow down. I too find myself having days where I’m asking “Is today almost over yet!?”. Given current events, it seems like one big blur and I honestly want to pull my dam hair out. Thankfully, we have some gadgets to get us through the day and make life a little bit easier. In my recent posts, you heard me mention vaporizers. Which ones though? Are we talking dry herb vaporizers? The ones that turn that weird looking gold looking stuff into liquid? How about both. I want to break down which vaporizers I use and how they help on days life doesn’t seem to stop.

APX Vape by Pulsar Vapes

On the trail? Out in the garden? Tired of lugging papers around? Maybe the times you’ve spent with the ol’ pipe have been great. What if we can make those times on the trail more convenient? I know I’ve spent hours out in my greenhouse. Since I didn’t smoke bowls, I tended to have my bong with me. Can you imagine having that big fucking thing out there?! I did it though. Sometimes I had cones but I wanted something that offered portability without sacrificing potency. BOOM! Vaporizer. Specifically. The dry herb vape by Pulsar. It definitely offered the portability, produced great flavor and allowed me to get the work I needed done. It also has variable temperature which was nice. Using convection over combustion, The APX allowed me to taste the terpenes in my strains. No papers, no bowl to lug around, nothing. I do want to add it paired well with my MedTainer. It can be a bitch bringing a grinder everywhere. The MedTainer eliminates that. A couple mixed reviews about it but I haven’t had any problems. One thing I do wish was different or could be added is a keef catcher. Other than that, no complaints. What about about my extracts though? Can’t really put those in a dry herb vaporizer my guy. Don’t worry, I thought of that mate.

APX Volt by Pulsar Vapes

I had a buddy teach me the temperatures of nails. You know, how to get them right. No matter how hard I tried, I never could get that shit just right. Either it was too hot or I let it cool down too long. It was my fault for sure. I went a different route and started topping my bowls with it. Pretty sure we covered all that shit in my other post so I will spare you all the blah blah. I wanted to taste my terpy derps so I decided to go with the vaporizer once again. I had had luck with my dry herb vape so I went with one that could handle concentrates. Hesitant at first because if you read my recent posts, I don’t really use extracts enough to really need anything like this. In fact, two thoughts went through my head. I’m either going to buy this and it’s rarely going to get used or buying this is going to make me want to start getting into extracts more often. Guys, it was the latter. I decided to stay with Pulsar, went with the APX Volt and didn’t look back. I have been using crumble more often since getting this little guy and I have been loving it! It didn’t take long to learn how to use it either. I don’t take this around with me but it does make using your resin, shatters and crumbles a hell of a whole lot easier! I opted for the Volt over the Wax because of the chamber and the variable volt settings. This was important. The coil-less cup chamber works so great, heating up concentrates evenly. The variable settings allowed for low temperature delivery for awesome taste.


Whether you’re in the greenhouse, on the trail, lounging around and wanting a quick smoke sesh, Pulsar Vapes has you covered. This was a great choice guys. I weighed all my options before grabbing this from a local smoke shop. What was I using it for? Where would I be taking it should it come with me? If I take it outside, will it be durable? Since I was more than likely taking this on my hikes, I wanted something inexpensive but would still be a quality build. Pulsar did just that on my setups. I know some people like vaporizers that can give you the best of both worlds but that wasn’t me. I wanted two separate devices. My APX Volt never leaves the house unless it’s outside on the picnic table. I also wanted something easy to clean. Most vaporizers are easy to clean but to me, vaporizers with coils seemed like they would be a problem. At the end of the end, we all have a choice in how we like to consume our herbs and concentrates. I’m glad I can show you have a few of these have helped me. Got a Pulsar Vape? Maybe another brand you’d like to share? Drop it below so I can check it and hear your experience with it. Thanks for reading. I love you guys. Stay safe. Stay medicated. As always, relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼


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