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Liberty CBD: Let Freedom Ring!

Freedom. Isn’t it a great feeling to have? It is. It’s shitty when we become deprived of it. Deprivation of freedom can come in many forms. From being in an accident to having to depend on someone to do the things you once could. That mental illness you battle with. You know, the one society wants you to pretend you don’t have. That takes you and your freedom to live normally away. Yea, that one. Or maybe it’s an emotional pain stemming from the mental illness. Freedom. It’s shitty being deprived of but it’s a great feeling to have isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get it back?

Liberty caught my eye for their natural, no filler approach.

Liberty CBD Co. came into my life at a time when I really needed it. When, to me, freedom and hope seemed to be dwindling daily. I had just battled a terrible lung infection that came from what we later would find out would be caused by a contaminated, black market vape cartridge. I suffered irreparable lung damage as a result. I found Liberty months later. I started using their strains high in certain terpenes to help with opening my airways, specifically Pinene. Needless to say, that was July of 2019 and I have never felt better. Liberty caught my eye for their natural, no filler approach. Ever since then, that’s what I look for and hope more companies opt for the same thing.


As someone with Epilepsy, that’s another big thing I use these Cartridges for. If you deal with seizures and the medicine associated with them then you know how groggy they can make you. That’s why I keep either a sativa or hybrid cart on hand. It’s kind of a “pick me up” throughout my day. Plus, with the mood changes being a side effect, at least with my meds, it keeps me evened out. Not to mention my Anxiety and depression brought on by my Epilepsy. Gelato and Clementinine are just my go to strains. If you’re looking for that “I just wanna melt away” feeling, these are your two! If I don’t have a cart, rest assured I have some type of flower on hand, in my vaporizer. I started using those a lot more often and found my APX by Pulsar was a nice one and doesn’t break your bank.

What about pain relief? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that. We mentioned the freedom of pain and I deal with it too! I’m 27 and have more joint and back problems than most seniors I know. I mean, when you have seizures, that kind of shit happens. Their indica cartridges are going to be your safe haven. In fact, their Gorilla Glue #4 is their strongest one and the best one for pain relief. I also would go as far to say use it for a nighttime aid if you’re having problems sleeping. We just recently wrapped our “Purple Project” and found that GG4 was the perfect way to end the day. Given the terpenes found in this strain, it’s no surprise there.


I mentioned flower earlier. Liberty offers a nice selection of hemp flower which is nice. I know some people don’t like smoking cartridges or don’t have a setup yet for one and that’s cool. If you don’t have a setup though, you can pick one up through them with that cartridge you spent almost an hour looking for. Just grab one ya Sallie! Anyway, while their flower section isn’t as big as their cartridge one, it’s got some nice picks. With strains like Suver Haze and Special Sauce, you have some nice daytime picks. It’s great because it’s not so overwhelming to the flower consumer. Especially someone new to the community. On numerous occasions I have been told how that scenario can be. Plus, Liberty CBD is known more for their cartridges as opposed to their flower. Will we see it grow in the future? I can’t say for sure. What I can say is what they have now is okay and their cartridges are kick-ass!

Gummies! Oh yes! The good kind. Well, they’re all good in my book. Even those you get at the gas station when you’re stoned. Dam man, those things are dope as shit! Liberty CBD has some good ones too. These bad boys gets your ECS balanced while you munch so it’s a win-win. I mean, what’s not to love. I know our local shops around here can’t keep them on the shelf so what does that tell you? I personally love them. The gummies are the perfect little snack to much on throughout the day or to keep on your desk. Take them with you on that nature hike as a munchie food on the trail! Great addition, along with a cartridge or pre-roll. Do you have your box from Carolina Hemp Company? If you do then you’re all set.


It’s nothing a cartridge or nice bong rip can’t fix, am I right?

Liberty offers CBD salves infused with Peppermint. I know there is a large community out there that use CBD topical creams and oils. I haven’t tried this but if it compares to anything else Liberty CBD offers, you will not be disappointed. Topical salves and oils are a great way to tackle the pain at the source. When I got a chance to try a topical CBD oil for the very first time, I went through the bottle so fast. I don’t lean toward a topical oil although I should. It would knock my back pain out so fast. I’m not mad though. It’s nothing a cartridge or nice bong rip can’t fix, am I right?

Liberty CBD has amazing products and I’m glad I keep them on hand or in my collection. These guys are my go to cartridge farm simply for the love they put in every batch and it shines through with each puff. Don’t take my word for it, their social media and website full of happy customers scream to the galaxies my friends. When you do you grab your cartridge, head over to the merchandise section and grab some gear. Let everyone know who gave you that freedom back. Let it ring bud! Have you experienced Liberty CBD yet? What has it helped with? Drop it below! I want to hear about it and how it’s helped. Thanks for reading. Check out other great reads in our blog. Head over to the “Our Favorites” section for some great weekly strains I add to my collection. Our Hometown Heroes section is also home to great local farmers and hemp dispensary owners across the Tarheel State. Check that out. You might find a new favorite right in your backyard! I love you guys! Stay safe. Stay medicated. As always, relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼


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