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As many of you know, we have began to discuss “terpenes” quite a bit lately. Becoming increasingly popular among the CBD community, you start to see more oils infused with terpenes from certain strains. More consumers love these oils, especially if you vape them. Are you one of those terp lovers? Well grab your mod because today, we are puffing on “SAUC” and exploring some of their oils such as “Girl Scout Cookie” and “Granddaddy Purple”. Specializing in terpene infused oil, “SAUC” is, hands down, my favorite. Having tried terpenes from many companies including Greenroads, The CBDistillery, SAUC has perfected a quality oil. In addition to oils, they also have terpene infused isolates. Perfect for users who like to “dab” or if you like to mix your own E-liquid. Even create your own topical oil. Simply add them to some coconut oil or beverage and you’re ready to go. Check out the post “Let’s talk isolates” in the blog section if you want to learn more. For now, let’s blow some smoke, introduce you to “SAUC” and their wonderful terpene infused oils and isolates! Are you ready? Grab your mod, let’s educate and medicate!

Now, While “SAUC” only offers oils and isolates, don’t be deterred. Like BioCBD Plus, SAUC offers quality over quantity. With the market for terpene infused oils growing, I do see them expanding on their product line in the future. For now, we are going to cover their oils and how to get the most out of them! I use a variety of tanks when it comes to my oils. When vaping terpenes, it’s best to keep your mod on a low setting. Even vaping with a Temperature Controlled mod, it’s best to keep it low. Vaping at too high of a wattage or temperature will burn off the terpenes in the oil as well as the cannabinoids thus lowering the potency of the CBD oil. Let’s take a look at the terpenes offered from SAUC as well strengths and sizes.

Girl Scout Cookie

No, not the ones they sell once a year although there was that story of the girl-scout who sold cookies in front of that dispensary the one time. Pretty smart marketing strategy if you ask me. I mean, she did sell out in record time! No, these cookies we’re talking about are a nice hybrid of the OG Kush and Durban Poison strains. A strain we’ve all come to know and love. Coming in two strengths, 150mg and 300mg, GSC is sure to give you the focus you need as well as the calm you desire. Girls Scout Cookie has a sweet, earthy aroma to it. You will notice this on the exhale as well. Perfect blend for the terp lover. It will also make a great additive or a stand alone vape. Just remember to keep your mod at a low wattage or temperature setting. I recommend vaping this alone but hey, to each’s own!

Sour Diesel

For the Sativa lovers, there is a blend for you. While still earthy, this has a citrus feel to it. Sour Diesel gets it name from it’s unique lemon diesel aroma. Another interesting fact about Sour Diesel is, after handling these nuggets, is the sour taste you get if your were to lick your finger. I know, weird but that’s how you can tell if it’s authentic Sour diesel. That’s what I have come to find about this strain after many years. Many growers came to find this out too after handling this specific strain after the trimming process. Could it be a myth? Grow some and find out! For now, SAUC brings you Sour Diesel terps packed in a 30ml bottle in 150mg and 300mg strengths. With it having a citrus taste, It’s good as standalone vape but also an additive to any lemon vape you might have. I mix my own juice for instance. I added this blend to my “Lemon Cake” juice and it was fantastic.

Granddaddy Purple

A “berry” delicious blend to say the least. Granddaddy Purple has to be one of my favorite terp blends from “SAUC”. With a touch a grape and mixed berry and sweet, delicious grape in each puff, what’s not to love? With terps derived from the “Granddaddy Purp” strain as well as hints of berry, it sure to take you on ride through the grape vines. Granddaddy Purp is, as you know, an indica strain. This one would be a great nighttime blend. Being a good standalone vape, I added this to my strawberry straws blend and it was amazing. If you have a berry juice you like, adding this blend that will make it amazing. Granddaddy Purp comes in 150mg and 300mg as well.

Isolates with Terps!

You’ve heard me mention isolates before. SAUC brings you terpene infused isolates! Would you expect anything else? Now, normally we would be mixing up some sweet edibles or topical oils with our isolates but not with these. Well, you could make some delicious edibles with these or topical oils but these “Terpsolates” as SAUC has called them are best dabbed or best blended when making your own vape juice. If you like the blends outlined above, then you will love crafting your own if you’re not an avid dabber, SAUC offers a variety of isolates in a crystalline, crumble form to give you options to blend your own if you loved their terps. I think this is a fantastic idea because it allows you to craft a high strength oil given the purity of the isolate. They come in .5 grams at 500 mg of CBD for $34.99. So, you’re probably wondering what terps are infused in the isolates. Well, let’s do a run down!


  • Harlequin
  • Do – Si – Dos
  • Gelato
  • Sunset Sherbert
  • Blue Dream

Wrapping it up!

From vape juice to “Terpsolates”, SAUC has you covered. With future product expansions, be sure to check them out. You never know, they may add something you wish they had! Something they are expecting soon are terpene infused oils with nicotine added. I’m still on the fence about this but hey, whatever floats your goat! As always, do your research before jumping into something new. Terpene infused oils are different and, in addition to having some flavor, are very earthy. Keep this in mind when vaping them or adding them to your favorite blend. When it comes to terps, SAUC has the, well, sauce. Comment below to share your experience with SAUC or your favorite terp blend. I’m gonna go puff on some terps! Keep it natural guys!

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