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Hopping down the Canna-trail!

Gelato CBD strain by Hemp Hop

Here comes Joey Hempy Tail, hopping down the Canna-trail. Hippity, hoppity, healing is on the way! What’s up guys! I got stoned and thought of that little jingle. I thought it would go great with this next local hemp dispensary I’m about to add to the Hometown Hero section. I absolutely love this one. Not only do they offer local delivery and are expanding, they have a wide variety of premium flower strains. I mean just huge. I find myself being overwhelmed at times when I go shopping for my CBD strains. It doesn’t stop at flower though. Offering distillate cartridges, Moonrocks, concentrates and so on. Who’s got all this? The one and only Hemp Hop Farms out of Charlotte. I don’t want to wait, grab whatever you’re medicating and let’s hop right in to this one!


If you live in the Charlotte area, you guys are lucky ducky’s

Terrace Kush by Hemp Hop

Where I want to start first is them being local and offering same day delivery. Now of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, obviously. You’d be surprised how many people think they deliver everywhere so we outline that now when we talk about these guys! However, if you live in the Charlotte area, you guys are lucky ducky’s. Order from these guys and get your beautiful terpene rich flower, oil or edibles and have them at your door same day. This comes in handy for those of you who may be suffering from some disabilities and don’t drive or maybe just pressed on time and can’t really get out. I know some of you people who work from home will love this so why not mention it. Delivery services for cannabis and hemp products alike are few, far and in between in NC so hey, take advantage. In addition to offering delivery, orders over $45 ship free! Order a nice ¼ ounce of premium flower AND get free shipping, that’s a win – win!

Get your pipe and papers ready! Hell, if you’re vaping, that’s even better because Hemp Hop has strains for days and they aren’t slowing down. Strains like Spec-7, Blue Dream, Frosted Kush, Terrace Kush and so on can be found in the line-up if you enjoy some good flower like me. I was drawn to Hemp Hop after visiting a local Hemp dispensary in Wake Forest that offered them. What really attracted me to them was their packaging. Giving you a glimpse of what to expect from each strain. Highlighting terpenes and overall cannabinoid content was a great way to help you know what to look for. It’s what I call “COA’s at a glance” and it’s perfect for consumers new to the community. Many purchase options are available from 1 gram to an ounce. If that’s not enough, mix and match a quarter pound! Hemp Hop is always having sales so bookmark and follow them on their social accounts. For the “Cannoisseur” in all of us, Hemp Hop has our back. Let’s check it out.


Like Liberty CBD and Extract Labs, Hemp Hop offers pure distillate, no filler cartridges..

Asteroids by Hemp Hop

It’s time to spice up that bowl. Get a little “Spaced out” as I like to call it. Hemp Hop is giving us everything we didn’t know we needed when it comes to CBD strains. Moonrocks, Asteroids, Hash, Kief, Wax and Kief Joints and Blunts. I love coming to this section. I make sure to grab some Asteroids and/or Moonrocks if I can’t get them locally. These are the perfect addition to any bowl, whether your puffing on strains high in THC or CBD, they are sure to help you get spaced out. The pre-rolls you will find in the pre-roll section and not the connoisseur section of Hemp Hop’s website. If you need to satisfy that concentrate hunger or want to add that instead, head over to the concentrate section. Like Liberty CBD and Extract Labs, Hemp Hop also offers pure distillate, no filler cartridges which is awesome! Strains like Girl Scout Cookie, Gelato, Blue Dream fit perfectly alongside others and are sure to aid you with whatever you need it for. From sleepless nights to sore knees. My cartridges come in handy in dealing with all my aches and pains from my seizures over the years.

Amnesia Haze by Hemp

A few strains I do want to take time to mention offered by Hemp Hop are Amnesia Haze, Rise up, Special Sauce and Bubba Kush. These are a few personal favorites of mine. Amnesia Haze and Bubba Kush are nice evening and nighttime strains, Amnesia Haze being the mac daddy of the two. If you’re someone who suffers from insomnia, give that one a try. I go over quite a few evening and nighttime strains in a separate blog article here. Special Sauce and Rise up are good daytime strains! Special Sauce is actually the winner of the Hemp Cup so you know we had to add that to the line up. I enjoy starting my day with this strain and even smoking some when just taking a break and needing to unwind. I go over some good daytime strains in a separate blog article here!

Get on the path!

Hemp Hop is an amazing local company for us and we just cant get enough! From pet products, Moonrocks, CBD hash, pre-rolls, premium CBD strains to fantastic service and ultra fast shipping, they are always our go to when it comes to our flower. Mainly for their quality as well as selection. I also love the fact they offer local delivery for their customers in some areas. This is helpful for people who may be disbaled or just busy. I can’t stress how the right product at the right time is vital. Have you tried Hemp Hop? Drop some of your favorite strains below! If you haven’t, head over there now. Your next favorite strain might be waiting. Thanks for reading. Stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼


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