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Free as a Bird: BlueBird Botanicals

What’s that in the sky? Is it a plane? Maybe Superman? Nope, it’s just BlueBird Botanicals coming in for a landing! That’s right, BlueBird Botanicals is our next stop on the “Road to Wellness”! Offering not only quality products but assistance programs as well! I must say, this is the first company I got the pleasure of coming across that looks out for their customers who may suffer from disabilities, veterans etc. Don’t worry, we’re going to cover all this in this and more in this post. Bringing you oils, tinctures and isolates, BlueBird has something for every consumer. So, grab your mod and blow some clouds! Let’s educate and medicate!

Ingestible Blends

Oral drops are quite popular among the hemp community these days. If you like to take your CBD orally then this section is for! BlueBird Botanicals offers ingestible blends when it comes to their line of oils. I know quite a few people who love the orally drops because they are easy to consume. Personally, I loved them! It’s nice to wake up and start your day with a few drops under the tongue. This blend does have an earthy taste but mixing it with your favorite smoothie will help get your morning started! I was using the 250mg Classic Blend. While the serving size suggested up to 15 drops daily, I used around 8-10. I didn’t want really exceed that because I vape my CBD oil as well. BlueBird offers their ingestible hemp extracts in a 250mg strength and a concentrated formula at 1500mg with a variety of sizes and blends such as:

Classic Blend

Hemp extract plus hemp seed oil, what more could you want in a classic blend? How about a blend packed full of cannabinoids! Classic is a full spectrum blend with 250mg per oz packed with CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A and many more. These are naturally occurring in the hemp plant but many companies filter them out. Along with the cannabinoids our ECS longs for, these blends are packed with vitamins such as B1, B2, B6 and D even trace minerals like iron and zinc. Like all the blends in this line, it even contains terpenes; one of the more common ones found in this blend are Myrcene. Found in Mangos, Myrcene has been known to enhance the effects of hemp and cannabis products so I found this to be a perfect additive to a quality blend. In addition to this, other protein, minerals and vitamins can be found in this blend. I will add that this has an earthy taste. Try adding it to a smoothie or any other type of food to help with the taste. A complete description of this can be found on BlueBird’s website! The Price for this blend are as follows:

Sizes & Pricing Prices for Concentrated Blends

1/3 oz – $12.95 1/3 oz – $49.95

1oz – $27.95 1 oz – $119.95

2oz – $49.95 2 oz – $219.95

4oz – $79.95 4 oz – $349.95

8oz – $139.95 8 oz – $599.95

Complete Blend

Just what the name says! This is a compete oil with decarboxylated and non-decarbed (raw) forms of cannabinoids to bring you a sweet, 1:1 ratio. It doesn’t stop there guys! To make this blend absolutely “complete”, BlueBird adds in steam distilled hemp extracts that contains large amounts of therapeutic terpenes. Keep in mind, “Complete” has the same “earthy” taste as the Classic Blend. If you could take that without mixing, go for it! If not, try mixing it into your favorite smoothie or food for a better experience. Pricing and sizes for this blend:

Sizes & Pricing Prices for Concentrated Blends

1/3 oz – $14.95 1/3 oz – $54.95

1 oz – $32.95 1 oz – $129.95

2 oz – $54.95 2 oz – $239.95

4 oz – $67.95 4 oz – $379.95

8 oz – $119.95 8 oz – $649.95

Signature blend

Alright my essential oil lovers, this blend is for you! That’s right, Signature blend not only contains a full spectrum blend of CBD but also Frankincense and Black Cumin seed oil. With essential oils becoming more mainstream, it’s no surprise to see more hemp companies integrating them into their blends. Don’t see this as a bad thing. Depending on the oil used in the blend, essential oils can help with overall wellness. For example, many companies use “Peppermint” extract to flavor their oils and tinctures. The use of this extract isn’t all for flavor though. Peppermint has been known to help with heartburn, nausea etc. Some even add a few drops of it to their tea to help with upset stomach. I like the fact BlueBird Botanicals uses Frankincense in this blend because it has been known to help with stress and anxiety while boosting immunity. Keep this in mind if you need help picking a blend!

Sizes & Pricing Prices for Concentrated Blends

1/3 oz – $14.95 1/3 oz – $54.95

1 oz – $32.95 1 oz – $129.95

2 oz – $54.95 2 oz – $239.95

4 oz – $89.95 4 oz – $379.95

8 oz – $159.95 8 oz – $649.95

Don’t think I forgot about the combo deals! I know some of you can be indecisive at times. I can’t go anywhere without taking 10 minutes to make a simple decision. Thankfully, BlueBird Botanicals offers combo packs in both Regular and Concentrated blends to help people like me and you! Coming with all three blends in a 10mL bottle, this gives you a chance to sample all blends before you buy. So, if you are having a hard time deciding what blend to add to your daily routine, the combo pack will help you out.

Combo Pack Regular Strength Price: $32.95 Combo Pack Concentrated Price: $129.95

Isolates are my next in this post however I will be keeping this short. Before you get all sad, there’s a reason so take a hit of your CBD and relax! Isolates are such a HUGE topic, I have a separate post that outlines everything you need to know. For now, I’ll be brief about BlueBird and what they have to offer in terms of their isolates and sizes! When it comes quality, you can get great, lab-tested isolate from the BlueBird team. Isolate is a pure form of CBD in a white, crystal like powder. Each batch, along with every product, comes with it’s own batch number. I love this concept. Every batch is odorless and flavorless and also tested for solvents, heavy metals and pesticides. Before testing, creating this isolate begins with an ethanol extraction system. BlueBird uses non-synthetic, all natural hemp to bring you a quality isolate. Isolate can be used for many things from mixing sweet e-liquid, cooking to mixing into your favorite tea or smoothie. There is no limits. Check out my post “Let’s Talk Isolates” for a complete guide. I cover dosing, cooking with isolates, mixing up some juice etc.

Sizes & Pricing

1 Gram – $24.95

5 Grams – $99.95

A Helping Hand

Now, when I started this guide, I mentioned assistance programs. BlueBird Botanicals is a company that truly believes in giving back and helping out. Many people struggle to get by now a days. Living with disabilities can be tough. Having to live with a disability on a budget can be even harder. BlueBird Botanicals makes it easier by giving qualifying applicants discounts of 25%-40% off their order. Veterans are welcome to this program as well. I love the fact that BlueBird offers such programs to those who have served our country as well as low-income families and people with long term disabilities. CBD products, especially quality ones can be expensive. With assistance programs like the ones offered from Bluebird Botanicals, it makes life a little easier and helps you get back on the pursuit of happiness. Learn more about their assistance programs here and to see if you qualify.

Wrapping it up

I hope you enjoyed everything in my guide. As always, do your research before using CBD for the first time. CBD oil can effect everyone differently. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Bluebird Botanicals offers Batch numbers on every product in their line. I mentioned this earlier. A batch number is a great way for you to track where your CBD has come from and see it’s results. It’s always reassuring to know you’re getting a quality product. If you come across a company that doesn’t display a COA or Certificate of Analysis, this can be a red flag. Keep that in mind as well. Finding a quality oil that’s right for you can be overwhelming in this expanding market. Luckily, we have you covered. Including this one, we have other guides to oils to help you on your way! Check them out on our blog section! Did you enjoy this one? Leave a comment below about your experience with BlueBird Botanicals! Until next time, Keep it natural!

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