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Carolina Hemp Company

You ever wanted something so bad so you searched and searched but then stumbled upon something else while searching for the other thing? That’s kind of what happened with me. While on the hunt for some crumble by the good people at Extract Labs, Sitting right across the street from the local ice cream shop, I noticed a nice, small Hemp dispensary with a lot to offer. Right off main street, in the heart of historic Youngsville, you’ll find Carolina Hemp Company. With products from flower, tinctures, creams, BBQ sauce, yes, you read that right, they have BBQ sauce you guys. Oh, and we also were able to get our hands on some crumble! Carolina Hemp Company came though for us so we wanted to share them with you guys! Grab your tray, grab some flower and sit back with me! Let’s talk dive in to this hidden gem!

Still with me? Dope! Where’s my flower lovers at!? This section is for you! I wanted to kick this off early because these guys had something I had never seen in a pre-roll before. Well, should I say the storing of the pre-roll. Carolina Hemp features their 7 pack pre-rolls in a nice strike top box that houses wooden matches in the bottom storage compartment. That was just the coolest shit I had ever seen. Most companies just give you the goodies but these guys took it a step further and I love it! It’s a great feature especially for those nature hikes and you forgot your light or just don’t have one. Featuring strains like Pineapple Express, these would be good for those nice, midday outings or stroll. They also have their own collection of flower that stays sealed in a glass jar for freshness. Strains rotate here so it’s hard to say what will be in should you decide to take a gander at what they have. I know John’s Snow CBG flower was one option on the menu along with Golden Sour. Sounding oh so delicious, we can’t wait to see what they roll out next!

Going back to the oils. We can go all day with this. We mentioned we stumbled upon this amazing store looking for crumble. Now, we don’t use concentrates often but when we do, we stick to cartridges. Liberty CBD is a main brand I go and I cover them in a separate post here. These guys not only had the exact brand I was looking for but they even had Liberty Carts on display. That was good to see considering not a lot of stores in our area have them so we have to resort to ordering them online. It’s not too much of hassle given Liberty is pretty good about shipping. Moving forward. We know cartridges and concentrates aren’t for everyone. For those of you who can’t smoke, Carolina Hemp has you covered. With their selection of Whole-spectrum oils, crafted from hemp grown right here in North Carolina, there’s something for everyone! Whole-spectrum offers everything you need in one bottle. Bringing you the cannabinoids and terpenes your Endocannbinoid system needs to keep a healthy balance.

Muncie time! I’m gonna cover the edibles they have for us and our furry friends in this one. Carolina Hemp Company offers a nice variety of CBD edibles and hemp derived products. Stuff like CBD Gummies to that delicious BBQ sauce you heard me mention. Want to spice things? Grab some Hot sauce! Satisfy your sweet tooth with some caramels or maybe some of those gummies from the good folks at Liberty. And while you’re there, don’t forget about your furry friends. I know I keep CBD on hand just for mine. It keeps them calm in times of thunderstorms and it also helps my oldest with her joint problems. While I use a different brand than you find here, CBD for your pet is a great thing to have and I’ll cover some great brands in a separate post. {Finish this section. Cover Carolina Hemp CBD pet products.}

We found our crumble and hopefully you found a new store. If you’re ever in Youngsville, stop in and check them out. Don’t worry if you’re new to CBD, have questions about a strain or oil. The owner Mark is there to answer any question you may have and guide you toward the right product. Guys, the choices here are amazing. I’m still digging the box of pre-rolls. That’s just the coolest shit to me and very convenient. Don’t forget, after you get your goodies from there, check out that dope ass ice cream shop across the street. Thanks for reading! Be looking out for our next post and Hometown Hero. I love you guys! Stay safe. Stay medicated. As always, keep it natural.

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